June 27, 2009
Spokane, Washington

Are you an intermediate or advanced Spey caster?
Would you like to improve you skills with more efficient casts…more accuracy, greater
distance… with an enhanced understanding of this traditional technique of presenting a
fly to Steelhead/Salmon or Trout; if so, this Semi-private Clinic is definitely for you!

Are you tired of the class for 8-10 people and the instructor spends most of their time
with the beginner up the line? Not this clinic!

Certified Two-Handed Casting Instructor, Larry Aiuppy, will be offering a semi-private
all day class in Spokane Saturday June 27. This ‘on the water’ clinic is tailored
for experienced Spey or two-handed casters. The clinic will begin at 9 AM and will last
until 5 PM or later; there will take a short lunch break mid-day. (Bring your own)

Larry is a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor (FFF CCI) and FFF
Certified Two-Handed (Spey) Casting Instructor (FFF THCI), providing private lessons
as Zen Casting with Larry Aiuppy. He is currently the only THCI in Montana or
Wyoming, the only tackle manufacturer’s sales representative (tackle rep) with a
Two-Handed Casting Instructor Certification in the United States, and one of only 24
FFF Two-Handed Certified Instructors in the entire United States.

During the Clinic, in addition to advancing your two handed skills, there will be
demonstrated applications for actual fishing situations whether floating or sinking tip

It will also be a great opportunity to try one of the Echo TR (Tim Rajeff), Echo SR
(switch) or Echo DH (Dec Hogan “Decho�) rods, AirFlo lines or the exciting
Guideline rods.

Only 5 participants

$175.00 for the day

For more information including course outline:  509-999-9474