"Ode to Ghetto Casters"
By Clearwater Frank

"Voodoo" and his posse are down at the 6th street dam. They're sitting on the bank sucking down a dram

"Ole Jamey" is a castin and he hooks somethin lookin chrome but alas it was a shopping cart that wasn't
taken home

So they roll up and head to Founders to have a round or two and the watch the waitress jiggle as she
serves that special brew

These are the "ghettocasters" and 6th street is their hood sometimes the fishing is real poor, sometimes
it's very good

They don't really seem to care as long as they can meet to talk about spey flies and castin and lookin for
some chrome and stopping in at Founders before they head on home

So if you are in the Great Lakes and close to the 6th street dam look for "Voodoo" and his posse and
share with them a dram

Then go with them to Founders and buy them all a round and be sure to check out the waitress as she
shimmys all around

I like these ghetto casters, I think that they are fine, I hope they come to the Clearwater so we can wet a

I'll take them to "Poppy's Riffle" and let them go thru first, I'm sure that all that castin will work up quite a
thirst so we'll head back to the Red Shed where we can share a toast to waitresses and chasing chrome,
the things that we like most.

Copyright 2005, By Michael Joe Cummins


My friend Mike Kinney is a great Pacific Northwest steelhead guide, spey casting
instructor, rod designer, and a pretty damn fine barbeque cook. I've had the pleasure of
sharing some of his steaks and ribs. They are MMM, GOOD!!! He has used his own
barbeque spice to flavor the meat and now he is sharing it with the rest of us. It is
available direct from Mike @ www.mikekinney.com. Also it can be had from the Red
Shed Fly Shop as well as other select PNW fly shops.