IDFG's info:
A beautiful mountain reservoir built in 2004 specifically for fishing with trout as its
special catch. Fishing from the shore or a boat are both good options on this large
reservoir. Deer Creek Reservoir is located approximately 11 miles north of Pierce, Idaho
on State Highway 11. Driving along Hwy 11, look for Fish & Game access sign near
historic Townsite 4 (Washington Creek Road). Turn east and travel approximately 1 ½
miles. Now turn at the Deer Creek Reservoir access sign. It is ½ mile from this turn
off to the reservoir. Motorized access is permitted from this point from May 20 through
September 30. Non-motorized access is permitted the remainder of the year.

Poppy's comments:
The fastest way to get there is to cross the Orofino bridge, go through the one stop sign
and do not turn off until one comes to the stop sign @ highway 11, 26 miles later. There
one makes a left, passes through Cardiff, travels a bit further over a gentle mountain
pass at the bottom of which one turns right at the Deer Creek access sign. In good
weather it is a 1.5 hour trip from the Red Shed to the boat ramp.

Shore angling is limited to the area by the dam across to the boat ramp. Some type of
floating craft gives one a great deal more fishing access. We use pontoon boats or the  
drift boat. There are many coves that are pretty fishy but my best success has been
drifting down the center of the lake and blind casting with an olive damsel nymph, or a
blood leech. Krystal buggers in black, olive, or brown also work very well. Sizes 8's &
10's seem to do the best for us. We have also had success with dry damsel flies, mayfly
nymphs and dries, and chironomids, but by far the best for us has been the damsel
nymphs along with leeches.

This lake is jam packed with rainbows along with some cutthroats. Last year (2012) a
big one was 14". The lake has been killed off twice in an effort to kill Golden Shiners
that had been discovered there. I can only imagine the size that some of these fish would
be now if the need to kill the lake off and start over hadn't occured.

We use 9'-4, 5, and 6wt rods with floating lines, or a type 3. I now like a type 3 full
sinker the best. For those that don't have fly tackle a spinning rod with a bubble will also
work very well. This is a great place to take kids and those not very proficient with fly
tackle. It has become a solid favorite with the Red Shed crew.