1) Remove 4" of coating from the Fly Line . Note from Poppy: A doubled slip loop of
20# mono pulled TIGHT will remove the coating nicely. About 1" at a time works well.
2) Feather the core of the strip fly line 1 inches

3) Using a pin vice & regular sewing needle, push the needle 1 to 1 ½ inches up the
core of the fly line and out the side of it. Make sure it is TIGHT or the needle will slip.

4) Use UN-WAXED Dental floss (24 inches piece); put the ends of the floss thru the
eye of the needle the same way. Then pull both strands of the floss thru the fly line,
leave a loop about ¼ inches at the end of the fly line.

5) Put the core of the feathered end into the loop of the floss; then place a business
card or a piece of leather on the fly line and pull the floss ends and the core will be
pulled thru. Then place the feathered end in a tying vice and pull down so that both
pieces are together; separate them again a put a drop of a CA glue between them and
pull them together again. Another note from Poppy: If you don't have a tying vise
handy, your forceps will do in a pinch. Then use a nail clipper or scissors and cut the
tag end that sticks out the side of the fly line. You’re done with that splice.
                                      MAKING BRAIDED LOOPS
6) Making a Dacron (mono) loop, using about 6 inches piece of 50 lbs braded mono
and a Cortland Loop tool. Start about 2 inches from the end place the tool into the
center of the mono and feed it up the center about 2 inches and out the side of the
mono then hook the other end of the mono on the hook of the tool and pull it back,
make the loop ¼ (that’s what I like) then with a nail clipper clip the tag of the
mono off that is sticking out the side of the mono and the loop is made.

                         COPIED FROM DANA STURN'S SPEY PAGES